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Yuriko // capture the moment
So... since Spring is already here it was time to change the layout.
suwana was so kind to create a header again~ I love it, how about you?

Also, the photos used in it are from Yuriko's new campaign for green label relaxing.
Here you are:

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and also:

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Yuri Dango

Fukuyama Masaharu will be back to reprise his role as Yukawa Manabu in the latest installment of the Galileo series since the first drama series in 2007. The title of the new drama hasn't been decided yet but will be shown in the Gekku slot from April 2013. This time, Yukawa's partner will be changed from Shibasaki Kou to Yoshitaka Yuriko who also appears in the new Galileo movie "Manatsu no Houteishiki" (Midsummer's Formula) which will be released in cinemas on 29 June. Nonetheless, Shibasaki is still set to appear in Episode 1 where it's explained that her character Utsumi Kaoru introduces her junior Kishitani Misa (Yoshitaka) to Yukawa. Kishitani is an original character in the drama who doesn't appear in the novels unlike Utsumi. FujiTV stressed that Utsumi is still part of the Galileo family and may appear in other episodes beside the first.

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This gets me soooooooooooooo excited!! I'm a big fan of the Galileo series and it's going to be epic with Yuriko in it!!!
30th-Dec-2012 11:47 pm - Yokomichi Yonosuke trailer
Yuriko // capture the moment

Aghhh, the movie is going to be so sad. ;___; Still looking forward to it~
8th-Dec-2012 04:51 pm - comm cm
Yuriko // pretty
Here are some pics from the event and a video which was taken there:


... And here is the actual cm:

...As well as the making:
Yuri Dango
I'm late I know. -___- The film festival was already in October but I didn't find time to upload everything till now.
So in case someone missed the pics or the video - here you are! :)

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jEhjy jIP6P OheWw
rpWLS smSZ5 SzPmy yRwA2

She looks awesome in that dress!!

Btw, she was there to promote her upcoming movie Yokomichi Yonosuke. :)

sources: TOKYOHIVE, scanlover
28th-Oct-2012 04:49 pm - winter layout & newest cm
Yuri Dango
The first snow fell in Germany yesterday - time to change the layout again!
I took the lovely one we already had last year made by suwana.
What do you think? Does the background match the awesome graphic?

So whatever, this wasn't meant to be only a mod-post.
Here's the newest green label relaxing cm~

No need to say that Yuriko looks beautiful but I so don't get the message. Anyone else?
Yuriko // pretty
Something new to report about our lovely Yuriko.

And... The waiting was worth every second! The new collection of United Arrows is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


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Enjoy! ♥
Yuri Dango

On August 29th, it was revealed that actress Yoshitaka Yuriko will be making an appearance in the Korean drama “Vampire Prosecutor 2“.

Yoshitaka commented, “Recently I have been really interested in Asian dramas, and this drama that I encountered has the best timing. I’m currently in the middle of shooting, and I’m struggling with it, but it’s for me to step up as an actress.”

“Vampire Prosecutor 2″ is an investigative drama in which a prosecutor, played by Yun Jung Hoon, suddenly becomes a vampire. She then tries to solve several mysterious cases by utilizing his ability as a vampire.

Yoshitaka will play the best fortune teller in Japan who analyzes the colors of people’s aura and reads tarot cards. Her first appearance will be on the second episode, and she will also make an appearance after the ninth episode as well.

Reportedly, Yoshitaka challenges herself in some dangerous scenes without using a stand-in, and she does not hesitate to lift the mood on set during standby time. On the overseas shoot, Yoshitaka commented, “Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself as I come to a stop without being able to perform my part credibly, but I was motivated that all I could do now was not to escape and give up. I think it was the first feeling that  arose out of fear.”

“Vampire Prosecutor 2″ will begin airing on OCN starting on September 9th in Korea.


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